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Empowering Research, Enriching Impact

At CREMES International, our primary focus is enhancing research capacity in Africa. We are deeply committed to nurturing a new generation of researchers who can generate impactful public health evidence. Our training and mentorship offerings are diverse, catering to both physical and online learning preferences. Led by seasoned research professionals, our courses, workshops, and seminars provide comprehensive learning experiences.

We also provide tailored training programs and workshops for organizations seeking to strengthen their research skills. Our expertise encompasses various areas, including research methodology, data collection strategies, advanced data analysis, and effective report writing. Our aim is to empower organizations to conduct high-quality research that significantly contributes to their respective fields.

Our qualitative and mixed methods research courses stand out for their innovative approaches and practical tools. We simplify complex concepts, making them accessible even to inexperienced researchers. Participants receive a suite of post-training resources, including guides, templates, scripts, and checklists, to support their research journey. This comprehensive support has earned us widespread recognition for empowering even the most inexperienced researchers to produce high-quality research outcomes on par with seasoned professionals.

We invite you to explore the impact of our courses through our testimonials page and consider how we can enhance your organization’s research capabilities.

CREMES Research Mentorship Program

Shaping Africa's Future in Research

Founded by Dr. Catherine Kahabuka in November 2019, the CREMES Research Mentorship Program represents a beacon of hope and opportunity for emerging researchers across Africa. The program’s goal is to harness the latent potential in young researchers, especially those who displayed a deep commitment and passion for a career in research.

Paid Courses

Highly Affordable Fees

CREMES International’s research training programs, offered both online and in-person, are expertly crafted for individuals and organizations to provide a dynamic and enriching educational experience. These programs are led by seasoned professionals and are customized to enhance the research capabilities of teams and organizations.