Cremes International

How CREMES International Was Born

A Journey of Passion and Dedication

The genesis of CREMES International is a tale of vision, commitment, and the relentless pursuit of transformative health research. It all began with the inspiring journey of Dr. Catherine Kahabuka, whose early experiences as a medical doctor in rural Tanzania profoundly shaped her career. Witnessing firsthand the systemic challenges in public health, Dr. Kahabuka’s aspirations evolved from pediatric medicine to championing health system reforms through the power of research.

Embracing this new direction, Dr. Kahabuka delved into health systems research, earning her PhD and honing her skills in crafting impactful public health strategies. One of her initial landmark projects was the development of the “Tanzania National Family Planning Research Agenda 2013-2020.” Collaborating with the National Institute for Medical Research and the Ministry of Health’s family planning unit, this endeavor sought to strategically steer family planning research in Tanzania. Her significant contributions to this project, showcased at the National Family Planning Conference in 2013, earned her the prestigious “Young Scientist Award,” marking her as a future leader in scientific research.

Photo: Dr. Kahabuka receiving a young scientist award from the minister of health then Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi at the National Family Planning Conference (Oct, 2013)

Photo: Dr. Kahabuka’s Young Scientist Award

Driven by her passion for evidence-based healthcare improvement, Dr. Kahabuka founded CSK Research Solutions in 2014. This firm quickly became synonymous with high-quality research support, but Dr. Kahabuka’s vision transcended beyond just conducting research. She saw the urgent need to cultivate new talent in the research domain. Thus, in 2019, she established the CREMES Research Mentorship Program under CSK Research Solutions. This program, initially rooted in Tanzania, soon expanded its horizons to include Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Ethiopia by 2023, reflecting its resounding success and impact.

From this expansion arose CREMES International, a manifestation of Dr. Kahabuka’s unwavering dedication to nurturing research talent and capability beyond national borders. While inheriting CSK’s core principles, CREMES International emphasized more on building research capacities. It set out with a mission to arm a new generation of researchers with the essential tools and knowledge, empowering them to contribute effectively to health system enhancements globally.

Our Mission

Catalysing Public Health Transformation in Africa by Providing Stellar Research Services and Nurturing Research Capacity.

Our Vision

Revolutionized Health Research Insights Across Africa.

The Values We Stand For


We consistently aim for the highest standard in our projects, never settling for mediocrity and always striving for outstanding quality and results.


Our actions and decisions are always guided by honesty and moral principles, ensuring authenticity and trustworthiness in all situations.


We prioritize punctuality and timely delivery in all our projects, respecting our clients’ schedules and commitments.

Attention to Details

We focus meticulously on every aspect of our service, aligning with our clients’ needs to deliver solutions that exceed expectations and showcase our commitment to excellence.


We treat every individual with dignity, valuing their perspectives and rights, fostering a culture of mutual respect, and understanding.