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Welcome to the Evidence Dissemination Division at CREMES International, your destination for transforming complex research data into compelling and impactful narratives. Our skilled team specializes in crafting scientific manuscripts, dynamic PowerPoint presentations, and a wide range of evidence communication products, including policy briefs, infographics, and executive summaries. We excel in refining technical reports into materials that effectively convey your key messages to both expert and lay audiences, making your findings accessible, understandable, and memorable.

At CREMES International, effective communication is at the core of our approach. We manage global dissemination events and participate in conferences worldwide, ensuring your research resonates and creates a lasting impact. Our services are designed to enhance your research’s influence through clear, memorable, and inspiring communication.

Join us at CREMES International’s Evidence Dissemination Division, where we are dedicated to transforming your research into powerful stories that inspire action and achieve recognition. Let us partner with you to bring your research to life and ensure that your findings have the profound impact they deserve.


November 2017

CREMES International successfully organized a dissemination meeting for a study under the Population Council. This event, held at Serena Hotel, was managed from start to finish by our team, including participant invitations and logistics. Two consultants from CREMES International presented the findings to an audience of over 50 stakeholders, including representatives from USAID, Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS), The National AIDS Control Program (NACP), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Jhpiego, ICAP, UNAIDS, and various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and health officials from the study regions and districts.

March 2018

Another dissemination meeting was orchestrated by CREMES International for a Population Council study. This smaller gathering saw the attendance of 25 key stakeholders, such as USAID, TACAIDS, the Reproductive and Child Health Section (RCHS) of the Ministry of Health, Measure and Evaluation, along with NGO and CSO representatives working in the HIV sector. Two consultants again took the lead in presenting the study findings.

National Engagements

Consultants from CREMES International have been actively involved in the presentation of research findings across a broad spectrum of stakeholders within Tanzania. This includes engaging in dialogue and sharing insights at various forums, workshops, and stakeholder meetings. Our team’s contributions have facilitated meaningful discussions on research outcomes, influencing policy decisions, and fostering a culture of evidence-based practices across different sectors in Tanzania.

International Engagements

CREMES International staff have also played pivotal roles in presenting research findings on behalf of clients at various scientific meetings and conferences, spanning countries such as Tanzania, Senegal, Malawi, Norway, Uganda, and Rwanda, further establishing our global footprint in knowledge dissemination.