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At CREMES International, our founder Dr. Catherine Kahabuka and our entire team share an unwavering passion for conducting exceptional research activities. Our singular goal is to not only collect data of the utmost quality but also to provide our clients with the most informative insights possible.

Dr. Catherine Kahabuka

Founder and Lead Researcher

Dr. Catherine Kahabuka, the Founder of CREMES International and the CREMES Research Mentorship Program, is a distinguished figure in health systems research. With a bachelor’s degree in medicine from Muhimbili University, Tanzania, and a PhD from Bergen University, Norway, her expertise spans Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent Health (MNCAH), Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), and HIV/AIDS. Her leadership in multi-country and sectoral health research projects, alongside her comprehensive skills in both quantitative and qualitative methods, has positioned CREMES International as a leader in public health research. Beyond research, her mentorship program reflects her dedication to nurturing young African researchers, enhancing research quality and capacity continent-wide. Her vision and commitment have driven CREMES International and its projects towards impactful and successful outcomes.

Gallus Mzuyu


Gallus Mzuyu is an accomplished statistician, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Statistics and a Master’s in Official Statistics. With over five years of experience in data analysis and a knack for creating robust electronic data capturing systems, Gallus excels in ensuring data integrity and precision. His remarkable attention to detail and exceptional performance led to his absorption by CREMES International after starting as a mentee in 2020. A valuable asset to the team, Gallus consistently provides outstanding data support for our clients’ activities.

Isabellah Luhanga

Senior Consultant

Isabellah Luhanga is a seasoned research consultant with a rich history at CREMES International, where she has been an integral part of the team since 2012, working closely with the founder. Holding a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Dar es Salaam and a Master’s in public health from Muhimbili University, Isabellah brings over a decade of extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods to her role. Beginning her journey as a personal assistant to Dr. Catherine Kahabuka in 2013, Isabellah’s passion and dedication propelled her to evolve into a research mentee and later into a senior research consultant. Isabellah’s journey has been a source of inspiration for Dr. Catherine Kahabuka, leading to the inception of the CREMES Research Mentorship Program in 2020. Today, Isabellah not only excels in her consultancy role but also shares her wealth of knowledge as a mentor and trainer, shaping the next generation of researchers and underscoring the transformative power of dedicated mentorship.

Monica Stephen Kahabuka

Senior Consultant

Dr. Monica Stephen Kahabuka, an esteemed member of CREMES International since 2014, marries her bachelor’s in medicine with a master’s in clinical Trials to enrich the team with her expertise. With over six years’ experience in supporting research activities, Dr. Monica has honed her skills in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, making substantial contributions to the organization’s projects. Beyond her research capabilities, she leads the ethics department, emphasizing the importance of ethical practice and integrity in all endeavors. Dr. Monica’s unwavering commitment to ethical standards is pivotal in maintaining CREMES International’s reputation for excellence and responsible research.

Angela Mutashobya

Grants Coordinator

Angela Clemence Mutashobya has recently joined CREMES International to head the newly established Grants Department. With a bachelor’s degree in economics and Statistics from the University of Dar Es Salaam, Angela brings over 14 years of experience in coordinating and managing community-based integrated programs and grants within the non-governmental sector. Her extensive experience encompasses major interventions in Health & Nutrition, with a focus on NMCH, HIV, and AIDS, as well as areas such as Education, Food security, Youth Empowerment, Economic Development, and Gender & Advocacy. Angela’s arrival signifies a significant step in strengthening CREMES International’s capacity to secure and manage essential grant funding, thereby adding substantial value to the organization’s growing operations.’

Irene Mapunda

Research Associate

Since joining CREMES International in 2018, Irene Mapunda has rapidly advanced in the field of research, supported by robust mentorship. With her academic background in Accountancy, she has become skilled in qualitative research, excelling in both data analysis and report writing. Irene also leads the transcription and translation department at CREMES, a role in which she excels. Her contributions extend to training upcoming researchers in these areas under the CREMES Research Mentorship Program, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to developing research skills in others.

Samwel Lyangwa

Research Logistics Officer

Samwel Lyangwa, with his academic background in law, business administration, and accounting, brings over eight years of experience in research logistics to CREMES International. His expertise in legal compliance and regulatory frameworks in Tanzania is instrumental in securing necessary approvals and clearances for research projects. Serving as a research logistic officer since 2014, Samwel’s dedication and problem-solving skills make him a valuable asset to the team, ensuring the smooth implementation of studies by effectively managing all logistical aspects.

Innocent Mushi

Finance Manager

Innocent Mushi, serving as the Finance Manager at CREMES International since 2021, plays a critical role in steering the organization’s financial trajectory. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, his expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of financial management, including meticulous budgeting, strategic financial planning, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards. Innocent’s astute financial acumen is instrumental in optimizing financial processes and systems, contributing to the overall financial stability and growth of CREMES International. His ability to provide accurate financial insights and forecasts is essential in aiding strategic decision-making, furthering the organization’s goals and sustainability.

Eric Francis

Media Production Manager

Eric Francis serves as the Media Production Manager at CREMES International, a role in which he oversees the creation and management of media content. His responsibilities include not only producing dynamic audiovisual materials but also actively participating in various media projects. His work aligns with the mission of CREMES International, enhancing the organization’s outreach and impact through innovative and engaging media narratives.

Amon Simbeye

AudioVisual Content Producer

Amon Simbeye, as the AudioVisual Content Producer at CREMES International, collaborates closely with Eric Francis, the Media Production Manager, to develop impactful visual stories. He brings creative and technical expertise to the production of audiovisual content, supporting the communication goals of CREMES. His contributions are vital in visually showcasing the organization’s impact in the field of medicine and health systems research. 

Joan Mwafongo

Social Media Manager

Joan Mwafongo, in her role as Social Media Manager at CREMES International, is responsible for creating, managing, and optimizing the organization’s presence across various social media platforms. Her expertise in digital communication plays a key role in amplifying the organization’s impact and reach in the field of health systems research and medicine.

Richard Makalanzi

Chief Driver

Richard Makalanzi, the Chief Driver at CREMES International since 2014, plays a crucial role in the organization’s logistics and transportation. Starting when the company was known as CSK Research Solutions, Richard has not only provided reliable driving services but also coordinates the transportation needs for the team. His management of the driving team and expertise in logistics are instrumental in ensuring efficient and timely movements, supporting the company’s extensive field activities and operational needs. His dedication is a cornerstone in the smooth execution of CREMES’ projects and daily operations.

Emmanuel Matumika


Emmanuel Matumika is a key member of the CREMES International team, serving diligently as a driver for field activities. His responsibilities include safely transporting team members to various research sites, ensuring timely and efficient travel for fieldwork. Emmanuel’s deep knowledge of local routes and his commitment to reliable service are vital in supporting the organization’s research endeavors and operational efficiency.

Dickson Mbade

Security Manager

Dickson Mbade, serving as the Security Manager at CREMES International, plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of the organization’s operations. His expertise in security management safeguards the team, assets, and research activities, contributing to a secure and productive environment.

Charles Bakari

Security Assistant

Charles Bakari, as the Security Assistant at CREMES International, works closely with the Security Manager, Dickson Mbade, to maintain a safe and secure environment for all operations. His role involves assisting in the implementation of security protocols and procedures, ensuring the well-being of the team and the protection of the organization’s assets. 

Inuweni Mpwage

Office Attendant

Inuweni Mpwage, as the Office Attendant at CREMES International, plays a fundamental role in maintaining the office premises. His responsibilities include ensuring the cleanliness and orderliness of the workspace, alongside performing essential tasks such as procuring office groceries and other supplies. Inuweni’s contributions are vital to the smooth day-to-day operations of the office,