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About CREMES Research Mentorship Program

The CREMES Research Mentorship Program is a pioneering initiative by CREMES International, designed to nurture the next generation of researchers by providing comprehensive training and career development opportunities. Established out of a passion for enhancing research quality and capacity building, the program operates under the leadership of Dr. Catherine Kahabuka and her team of seasoned researchers. This mentorship program distinguishes itself by offering hands-on experience in conducting high-impact research across a variety of fields. Participants in the program gain invaluable skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods, data management software, and analysis techniques. Moreover, the program emphasizes the development of soft skills crucial for professional growth, such as work ethics, professionalism, and effective communication. Through this comprehensive approach, the CREMES Research Mentorship Program is committed to cultivating a pool of skilled, dedicated researchers ready to contribute to evidence-based decision-making and policy formulation both in Tanzania and internationally.

Our Expansion: Reaching Across the Continent

In 2023, the program extended its wings beyond the borders of Tanzania, embracing aspiring researchers from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. This expansion has not only broadened our impact but has also enriched the program with diverse perspectives and talents from across the continent.

Emphasizing Work Ethics and Professionalism

A core tenet of our program is instilling strong work ethics and professionalism. We believe these qualities are crucial for building a successful career in research. Our training emphasizes integrity, responsibility, and excellence, ensuring that our mentees not only excel in technical skills but also stand out as ethical and professional individuals in their field.

Comprehensive Ethics Certification

All mentees in the CREMES Research Mentorship Program undergo rigorous training in research ethics, focusing on the critical importance of integrity, respect, and responsibility in conducting research. This training culminates in each participant earning a valid ethics certificate from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), a globally recognized leader in research ethics education.


Our program structure is a journey through four pivotal career stages.

Stage 1: Research Assistant

This is the lowest program entry level and every mentee that enters the program must be trained and/or evaluated for this level before moving up to a higher level. At this level, mentees are expected to have basic data collection skills (such as collection of both quantitative and qualitative data) and basic data management skills (such as transcription and translation of qualitative data materials and simple data entry).

Stage 2: Junior Research Consultant

At this second level, mentees are anticipated to have fully acquired intermediate research competencies. These skills encompass field supervision, data quality monitoring, the coding of qualitative data materials, and the execution of foundational analyses for both qualitative and quantitative data sets. Additionally, mentees at this stage are adept at crafting straightforward activity reports.

Stage 3: Senior Research Consultant

This is the highest level of the mentorship program where mentees are expected to have gained more advance research skills such as conducting advanced analysis of qualitative and/or quantitative data, crafting of technical reports, developing research proposals and writing of scientific manuscripts. 

Stage 4: Internship Program – Bridging Theory with Practice

Launched in 2023, CREMES International’s Internship Program targets mentees aiming to excel in research consultancy. This vital phase provides real-world consulting, client interaction, and project management experiences. It’s offered to the two best-performing mentees in each country, requiring Tanzanian mentees to commit to a full year of full-time work at CREMES International. Here, they engage in hands-on training and receive close mentorship to master the intricacies of research consultancy.


Program Cost and Duration

The program is free and is supported through funds from research activities supported by CREMES International. The mentorship program lasts for one year, with a maximum duration of two years to achieve the Senior Consultant level. Interns in the final stage are expected to commit full-time for one year.

Eligibility Criteria

The program is open to individuals aged 20 to 35 years who reside in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. Those who do not meet the eligibility criteria can still benefit from our highly affordable research courses.

Expectations and Commitment

Mentees are required to dedicate 2-4 hours per week to attend sessions and complete assignments. Participation in CSK’s research projects is an essential part of the learning process.


Since the launch of our mentorship program, we have witnessed transformative impacts and remarkable achievements among our mentees. Our program has been a cornerstone in nurturing the next generation of researchers, contributing significantly to the research ecosystem in Tanzania and internationally. Here are some highlights of our success stories and the impact of the program:

Career Advancements in Research and Academia:

A notable success of our mentorship program is the seamless transition of our mentees into esteemed research and academic positions. For instance, in the 2022/2023 period, we proudly saw two of our mentees secure full-time research positions at Girl Effect, marking a significant milestone in their careers. Furthermore, towards the end of 2023, two additional mentees embarked on their career journeys with the USAID-Tanzania Monitoring, Evaluation, and Adaptation activity (USAID-T-MELA), demonstrating the program’s efficacy in opening doors to prestigious research roles. Additionally, one of our mentees advanced to an academic position, joining the University of Dar es Salaam as a lecturer, showcasing the program’s role in enhancing academic careers.

Elevation of Research Quality:

Our program has been instrumental in elevating the quality of research outputs. Through rigorous training, mentorship, and hands-on projects, mentees have honed their research skills, leading to the production of high-caliber research outputs. This not only benefits their personal growth but also contributes significantly to the body of knowledge in various research fields.

Advancement in Research-Related Studies:

The mentorship program has also paved the way for mentees to pursue advanced studies in research-related fields. By fostering a strong foundation in research methodologies and critical thinking, the program inspires mentees to further their education, contributing to their personal development and the advancement of the research community.

Contribution to the Research Community:

Beyond individual successes, our mentorship program has made a significant contribution to the broader research community in Tanzania and beyond. By nurturing skilled researchers and promoting high-quality research, the program plays a pivotal role in advancing the research landscape, fostering innovation, and addressing societal challenges through evidence-based solutions.

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