Cremes International

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CREMES International offers a wide range of professional research services, including project design, tool development, field team training, data collection and management, evidence dissemination, and efficient research logistics. Our team has extensive experience conducting interviews with various population groups and executing field activities throughout mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.

The distinguishing feature of CREMES International is our exclusive access to a specialized research mentorship program. This innovative initiative serves as the foundation of our operations, fostering an environment of continuous learning and a relentless pursuit of professional excellence. Our program boasts a pool of over 200 highly skilled and dedicated research assistants. Each member of this elite group has undergone rigorous training and mentoring, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to excel in the demanding field of research. These talented individuals are not only proficient in data collection and management but also deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of research quality.

The unique combination of expertise and dedication exhibited by our mentored research assistants enables CREMES International to stand out as a beacon of research excellence. Their contributions are crucial in driving our mission to deliver superior research services, ensuring that CREMES International remains at the forefront of the research field.

Project Design & Tools Development

We provide expert project design and development support, offering sector-specific insights and technical expertise for protocol development, including creation and refinement of data collection tools.

Capacity Building

CREMES International enhances Africa’s research capacity through various training and mentorship programs. Additionally, we assist organizations in improving their research capabilities by offering tailored training and workshops designed to meet their specific needs.

Data Collection and Management

We provide data collection services with exceptional quality and reliability. We also support data management, including transcription, translation, as well as coding and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data.

Evidence Dissemination

We expertly transform complex research data into engaging and impactful narratives through carefully crafted manuscripts, dynamic presentations, and diverse communication products for global dissemination.

Research Logistics Management

We provide unparalleled research logistics support in Tanzania, efficiently managing approvals, site selection, study setup, and acquisition of research permits. Our goal is to guarantee a smooth implementation of research projects.

Visual Documentation

Our “Visual Magic for Your Research,” transforms overlooked reports into visually engaging content. We specialize in creating documentaries as well as shareable¬† and concise content for social media, ensuring that your research reaches and engages a wider audience.