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Welcome to the Research Logistics Support Department at CREMES International, the leading provider of logistical support for research projects in Tanzania. Our experienced team is committed to simplifying the complexities of research logistics, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for your project from start to finish.

Our customized services are designed to meet the unique requirements of each research endeavor. These include:


  1. Expertise in Local Approvals: We excel in navigating Tanzania’s intricate approval process, specifically in obtaining IRB approvals from the national health research ethics committee. Our team is skilled in document preparation and ensuring compliance with all local regulations, establishing a solid foundation for your research.


  1. Strategic Site Selection Advisory: Leveraging our in-depth understanding of the Tanzanian context, we provide strategic guidance on site selection. Our insights, enriched by consultations with local stakeholders, ensure that your research is relevant and impactful in the most appropriate locations.


  1. Smooth Study Introduction and Site Preparation: We effectively facilitate communication between your study and local authorities and stakeholders, ensuring a seamless project initiation. Our expertise in site preparation sets the stage for successful data collection and field operations.


  1. Comprehensive Research Permit Guidance: With our support, you can navigate the complex process of acquiring research permits from COSTECH and obtaining necessary permissions from regional and district authorities in accordance with Tanzania’s decentralization policy.


  1. Impactful Evidence Dissemination Meetings: In addition to logistics, we specialize in organizing evidence dissemination meetings that effectively communicate your research findings to the intended audience, driving impact and informed decision-making.


At CREMES International, we take pride in offering the fastest and most comprehensive research logistics support in Tanzania. We are dedicated to making your research journey seamless, compliant, and highly successful.

Embark on your research journey with the Research Logistics Support Department at CREMES International. Experience our unparalleled expertise and efficient services, tailored to elevate your research project to new heights.

SCOPE (Previously M4ID), Finland

February 2018

CREMES International aided SCOPE in site selection and identifying local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for the “Core – A Holistic Perspective to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Well-being” research activity implemented in Tanzania. CREMES also supported all logistics for this research activity carried out in three phases between 2018 and 2019.​​